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[sticky post] Moving to Dreamwidth

For years now I've hated what LiveJournal has become. The limitations, the pricing increase, the site's layout change. That's just a few off the top of my list. And don't even get me started on the malvertising. *facepalm*

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I don't really see the LiveJournal I grew up with here anymore. And I don't mean that just aesthetically. The whole site's persona has changed from a place where good fandom goers could share their creations in peace without having to worry about their content getting deleted for no reason or Russia spying on their data.

I might be acting a little melodramatic over a site I've only barely been on for seven years, but these are just my feelings. I know a lot of people here are determined to stay, I'll probably pop back in every once and a while to see what's going on and how much has changed. There are still some archived blogs I like to revisit every now and then and reminisce. But I'll just mostly be cross-posting because why not?

So, for now, I'll just be signing off.  👽

Dec. 16th, 2017

 when you realize it's almost christmas but feel like it's still february and start to panic.


hahah i totally forgot i made this blog

 nanowrimo has taken over my life.
i'm nowhere near being close to winning it.
it's almost thanksgiving.
i want. to. sleep.


Late night rambling

So, nanowrimo's coming up. Yep. And last year, I didn't exactly win. No. Instead, I had a bunch of good old writer's block. Which is funny, because, the story I was working on, I couldn't get shit done with, but I kept creating little stories in the background and was actually able to plot them start to finish. Actually, I not only plotted the short stories out, but I wound up making one little tiny idea and plotted it into a series of novels in the beginning of this year. 2017 has been filled with my manic scribbles in my notebook and late night thinking on how or what to create next, who to kill, what weird shit could happen along with how bad is too bad for a villain?

My sleep schedule has yet to forgive me, if you can tell by my posting times.

Anyway, hopefully, I can manage to write at least one of them this year. If not, back to basics. Fanfiction. 'Cause apparently, someone else's fictional characters are more important to me than my own at times. 🤷

I swear my brain hates me.


that awkward moment when you remember this site exists and how long it's been since you last posted and also how cringey you were. 👌👌👌

also why the hell do i always come back to this site in october????


My goal this year is to write a novel, which has been a lifelong dream of mine since I was about, 5. So, I'm going to be really busy, haha. :D


Fluffier than a bunny's butt

So, some of you may not know this, but, I, am working on a few fanfics at the moment. Most of them happen to be categorized as fluff. And just as a warning, if you know what fluff means, when I write fluff, I frickin' write the fluffiest fluff that ever fluffin' existed that will probably rot your teeth out from it's sweetness. Seriously. Fluff causes cavities. 'Nuff said.

Right now I am killing myself writing this Pushing Daisies fic at the moment. I can't even imagine when I move to my planned Aidan/Sally & Rick/Michonne ficlets. Hopefully I can manage the conversion of dramatic/horror to fluffy/cute-love. *crosses fingers*


Haha, no.

Well, today so far hasn't been so great. Another muggy, rainy day. Not that there's anything wrong with rain. I love rainy days. Actually, they fill my inspiration bar +5! But, if there is one thing I hate, it is the nasty, sticky, hot, mugginess that is occuring today. I'm definitely not a Summer gal, I prefer Fall, Winter and very early Spring. So, I didn't really expect October in this year to be so darn hot! At least I have some nice grapefruit juice to keep me cool. *hurk* What's also bad about this kind of weather is that it awakens every insect from the depths of Hell to come into my home like it's some backwash motel.

And to add to this day, my mother woke me up just to inform me I shall soon be going to the scariest place on earth dentist. I'm not happy about this.. Childhood trauma, here I come!

Anyway, enough of this ranting and complaining! I've also got some good news! I've finally come to the conclusion that I actually want to write some good ol' fanfic now! To be honest, I've written many fanfics throughout my teenage years. Only recently have I gotten out of the shyness that was my 13-year-old-self back in 2008. So, basically, I just need to find a fandom I'm inspired for... So many to choose from. This is what I get for being such a big geek! Perhaps I'll start with something I know best, like Dragon Age or Supernatural. Maybe even a bit of Pushing Daisies and Being Human US, too? :D


Writer's Block: Wishing Well

What world from a video game would you most like to live in? What draws you to this fictional universe?

Definitely The Elder Scrolls because of the beauty and adventure of the world with endless possibilities to begin with. Now the real question is, what race would I be in it?

Writer's Block: Dollars for Pixels

What's the highest amount of real money you've ever spent to obtain something in your favorite online game (new armor, better weapons, special powers, etc)? What makes the game worthy of spending your hard-earned cash on it?

Didn't buy anything for an MMORPG, but stupidly bought over $90 worth of IMVU credits for outfits and other things. Biggest regret of my life. I don't even use that chat program anymore due to it becoming a daycare for pre-teens. -_-'

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